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Ocean Revolution


EVOLVE: e·volve v. 1. to develop something gradually, often into something more complex or advanced, or undergo such development. 2. in evolutionary theory to develop from an earlier biological form, or to develop a characteristic in this way

Ocean Revolution exists so that we evolve. Ourselves, our culture, our world. Express the change, express yourself, share the progress, be heard.

1. Speak up: there are countless opportunities to share your pro-ocean message. At school. At home. At work. On the street.

FEATURED: Youth are speaking out and getting their voices heard at the annual Bioneers conference, simulcast around the world! Find out how you can participate in the next one: www.bioneers.org

2. Inscribe your thoughts: We are surrounded by words. Make some of them yours. Write about the ocean. Send an email or a letter. Write to a newspaper to a magazine. Write on the wall!

FEATURED: Blue Ocean Institute’s Sea Stories is an opportunity to share your love for the ocean through writing. Got a poem, an essay an idea a song? Share it!

3. Communicate artistically:

FEATURED link and blurb: If youtube won't get it for you, check out the flix featured on Shifting Baseline's website. You can make one and enter it in their contest.

Please share your ideas for this section of the oceanrevolution.org website ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


wild and healthy oceans

ranger networks and exchanges 

Ocean Revolution/NAILSMA Exchanges (click for more)

Ocean Revolution in Papua New Guinea (click for more)

Ocean Revolution/KLC  Ranger Forum (click for more)

Ocean Revolution Native Oceans (click for more)

Turtle Cultures



the marine world heritage site

tofo as a potential world heritage site copy 2 

Ocean Revolution is working to move the World Heritage Conventions Proposal for the creation of a Marine World Heritage Site in the Mozambican Channel through Mozambican government channels to the next stage in the process




Bitonga Divers Mozambique

In 2006 Carlos Macuacua and Anabela Muchunga created a organization for Mozambican Prosessional Scuba divers; even though they were the only ones! read about their incredible jouney as Ocean Ambassadors here on the Bitonga Diver's website



5-star resorts in WIO marine parks