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Administrator Notes

This article contains notes on the new features added to the Ocean Revolution site. It's not intended to provide all the answers, but rather a starting place for a frame of reference and where to look for more information.


This is a great extension for securely enabling files to be uploaded and downloaded. It provides a variety permission levels: overall, at the category level and at the document level.

A key concept to remember is that DOCman has files and documents. Files are the actual physical item. It is stored securely in a directory that cannot be directly accessed. Documents are a virtual item that contains information about the file, and the permissions for access. Please note, you can have files uploaded without any documents pointed at it (therefore it cannot be downloaded). On the other hand, multiple documents can point to the same file, and each document can have a different description and access levels. Not sure why you would want this, but it is possible.

From the front end, DOCman provides an easy process for uploading a file and creating a document. From the backend, it is a two step process, uploading a file and creating a document.

For more information on DOCman, click here.

Rokin Gallery and pwframework

These provide the galleries. The gallery component is called Rokin Gallery, but it includes the pwframework component. The Rokin Gallery enables Picasa galleries of albums to be displayed on the site.

For a new Picasa gallery, the gallery information must be added to the Rokin Gallery (in the administrator back end), and click Upload Galleries. That's it.

From the Picasa perspective, photo albums that are displayed on the site need to be publically available. Also, if an album or photo is geotagged, it will automatically appear on the Google Map on the OR site.

The Rokin Gallery also contains various extensions that can be configured in the backend.

The two extensions for google maps have been customized to enable people to select a Google Earth view and to automatically resize and center the view based on what pictures will be displayed.

If you'd like to display a video that is on your server, it should be placed in: images/stories/videos.

If you'd like to have an audio that is on your server, it should be placed in: images/stories/audio.

NOTE: After placing new albums and/or photos in Picasa, you need to go to the Joomla Backend:

  1. Pull the component menu down and select Rokin Gallery
  2. On the Rokin Gallery control panel, click Gallery on the left hand side
  3. Click the username to show that gallery information.
  4. On the new page, click Upload Gallery so the server will have your latest Picasa information.
  5. And it would not be a bad idea to clean out the cache after you are done.

Information on the Rokin Gallery can be found here.

JCE Editor

This is a new editor that is very similar to the WYSIWYG editor that comes with Joomla (namely TinyMCE). The biggest advantage of this editor is the ability to upload image files and insert them into an article, all in one step.

A paid version of the editor also exists that includes a routine to clean up all the hidden formatting when MS Word is copied into the editor window. The paid version has not been installed.

The editor can be confiured by going to the back end, pulling down the Components menu and selecting JCE Administrator

Simple Image Rotator

This displays and flips through the images at the top of the page. It can be configured by going into the Module Manager on the Joomla back end.

The images that are displayed are loaded in this directory: xxxxxx. To add or remove images, just upload or delete image files from the directory.

Images should be stored as 72dpi for satisfactory viewing and to minimize their size (& upload time). Six or less images work well. As more images are added, the initial load time increases.

The image dimensions should be: 970px by 150px.


This enables videos to be displayed within articles. The format is very simple.

When editing an article, the source of a video would be identified between curly brackets, then the name or identifier for the video, and then the slash-and-the-name surrounded by curlly brackets. When the page is about to be displayed, Joomla will insert the video.

" style="background: white; width: 300px; text-align: center;" />

This provides a fast and easy to use plugin. The next version of AllVideos is suppose to include lightbox functionality. As an aside, the new version of Joomla includes a library of javascripts as does other extensions. Lightbox implementations sometimes conflicts with these libraries.

More information can be found here.


wild and healthy oceans

ranger networks and exchanges 

Ocean Revolution/NAILSMA Exchanges (click for more)

Ocean Revolution in Papua New Guinea (click for more)

Ocean Revolution/KLC  Ranger Forum (click for more)

Ocean Revolution Native Oceans (click for more)

Turtle Cultures



the marine world heritage site

tofo as a potential world heritage site copy 2 

Ocean Revolution is working to move the World Heritage Conventions Proposal for the creation of a Marine World Heritage Site in the Mozambican Channel through Mozambican government channels to the next stage in the process




Bitonga Divers Mozambique

In 2006 Carlos Macuacua and Anabela Muchunga created a organization for Mozambican Prosessional Scuba divers; even though they were the only ones! read about their incredible jouney as Ocean Ambassadors here on the Bitonga Diver's website



5-star resorts in WIO marine parks